Our Custom ATA Cases can be built to nearly any size, and offer the ultimate in protection and performance. Designed to exceed the rigorous Airline Transportation Associations (ATA) specifications for reuseable flight shipping cases. Custom ATA shipping cases employ advanced designs and recessed hardware for exceptional durability.


Maxline ATA shipping cases are available in a wide selection of designs and options to suit your computer or other sensitive equipment shipping needs.  Please call us for more details on custom sizes for the ATA cases that meet your personal needs. No matter what your requirements, we have solutions.


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Maxline custom shipping cases          Maxline custom shipping cases           Maxline custom shipping cases  

Maxline custom shipping cases          Maxline custom shipping cases


Free options include:


  • Latches: locking or non locking.  Locking latches include key locking or pad locking.
  • Case Color.
  • Lid: Hinged or lift-off.


Available Options:


  • Security Bar: Used to secure laptops or items to the case itself.
  • Casters (wheels)
  • Wheel Easy™ system: Recessed casters and pull out handle (cases over 32" long usually do not require pull out handles).
  • Bottom Edge Protector: Protects cases during forklift operations.
  • Stacking Dishes: Facilitates efficient stacking of multiple cases.
  • Cooling Fans: Can be mounted internally if electronics will be used inside the case.


For additional options, please call us at: 888.262.9546

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