Wheel Easy SystemThe Maxline Wheel-Easy™ System uses a very high-quality recessed pull-out telescoping handle and recessed wheels to provide maximum control and convenience during transport. It is available as an option on our ATA, Aluminum, Ultra-Light, and some of our plastic cases.

Wheel Easy SystemThis system has been extremely popular with our clients for many years and for good reason — the telescoping handle easily slides in and out with the touch of a button, and the durable casters make wheeling your equipment a breeze.  When not in use, the handle and wheels are hidden and protected inside the case.

This system is an excellent choice for light to medium-heavy-duty usage applications. The telescopic handle is available in two types, a two-stage model that extends to 35", and a three-stage unit that extends to 40". Hunching over to pull your case along is a thing of the past.

Wheel Easy System with handle retracted and case openCases longer than 34 inches generally do not require a pullout handle, as they are long enough to pull without having to bend over. Our standard recessed handle and wheels are usually sufficient.

If you want the ultimate option for hand-transport of your equipment, the Maxline Wheel-Easy™ System is an all-around excellent solution.

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